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Treatment Assistance

for Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorders are serious, life threatening illnesses with debilitating psychological and physical consequences. At EDRS, Inc we believe that ALL PEOPLE impacted by eating disorders deserve access to quality, specialized treatment to support them in their journey of recovery. We believe no one should be denied treatment due to financial constraints. The EDRS, Inc. Treatment Fund was established for this purpose to help bridge the gap between those in need and available care.
The EDRS, Inc. Treatment Fund is available to qualifying California residents who are in need of financial assistance for eating disorder treatment. This fund is sponsored by donations made by friends of EDRS and through EDRS Annual Conference and fundraising events.

EDRS Eating Disorder Treatment Funds

*EDRS provides treatment assistance to California residents only

The following treatment assistance funds open for application 




  • $2,000 for treatment — for individual or group sessions 
  • To be awarded to a person in eating disorder recovery

The Rainbow Fund: Supporting LGBTQ+ Communities

  • $2,000 for treatment – for individual or group sessions 
  • To be awarded to a member of the LGBTQ+ Community in eating disorder recovery  

THe BIPOC FUND: Supporting black, indigenous, and people of color communities 

  • $2,000 for treatment — for individual or group sessions 
  • To be awarded to a BIPOC individual in eating disorder recovery

“Dear EDRS Board Members:
I write to you today to express my gratitude for receiving your $500 scholarship.

I want you to know that I have put it to good use by working with Veronica (Ronnie) Benjamin, MPH, RD. She is an amazing dietitian, and I have grown tremendously as a result of our sessions. She met me at my level and worked with me on motivation for recovery, distinguished the ED voice from my own, and provided education on nutrition, metabolism, and effects of ED behaviors on the body. As I am sure you know, recovery can be a rocky road. Mine has been no exception, but I have been comforted in knowing that I have another person on my side to fight the ED with me. She has become an integral part of my treatment team, and I would not have had the opportunity to learn from her wisdom without the help of EDRS. Thank you for sponsoring part of my care toward recovery. There are not many resources available for those with eating disorders who are in need. The service you provide is invaluable.”

Treatment Fund Recipient