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We have identified topics for each month, consisting of frequently asked questions presented by our clients in the course of treatment. In each issue, we will provide educational information written by an EDRS board member or an individual with expertise on the topic chosen by EDRS. Within our newsletter, we will invite our professional community of readers to share their experiences and recommendations on each topic. We will then feature input from the community in a future newsletter and on our social media. 


Our reach is over 4,100 Facebook subscribers, 350 and growing Instagram followers, and over 1,200 individuals on our mailing list, which primarily consists of professionals in the eating disorder field.  


Your sponsorship will contribute to our Treatment Fund for the current year, 2020.

You will also help us provide opportunities for professional dialogue, exchange and a sense of community, particularly during these times of social distancing and isolation.

With each sponsored newsletter you will receive:


  1. Your program’s logo in our newsletter or image of your choice to be shared
  2. Your program’s website link in our newsletter
  3. 250 words of your choice in our newsletter about your program or upcoming event
  4. Link to the newsletter on our website: www.edrecoverysupport.org
  5. Newsletter information posted on the EDRS Facebook page along with your logo
  6. Newsletter info cross-posted on the EDRS Instagram page

The newsletter will go out the first week of every month.

You can sponsor one or more monthly newsletters

Once you decide your sponsorship months, please submit your information by the 15th of the month prior to the newsletter month you wish to sponsor. Please note that payment will be due at this time too.

* The logo or image you’d like shared in our newsletter,
* 250 words about your program or upcoming event, and
* Any link/s you’d like shared about your program or upcoming event


Cost: $300 per newsletter

Conference Sponsorship

EDRS hosts annual education and fundraising events for professionals and community members. Our attendees will have the opportunity to interact with our sponsors through exhibitors and vendors during the events. By sponsoring our educational events, you’re helping support eating disorder prevention, providing training and education for providers, and supporting our treatment grant fund.

Our 2018 Conference Sponsors