Love Warriors

What is a Love Warrior?

A Love Warrior is a person who spreads the news of Self-Love and Body Acceptance for optimum health.

A Love Warrior uses love as a tool for recovery and well-being. Using a warrior’s spirit, a Love Warrior battles our culture’s diet mentality and “not good enough” messages by consciously choosing self-loving thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

The qualifications for being a Love Warrior are to be a person who advocates for eating disorder recovery and self-love. The EDRS board nominates individuals, typically non-professional (i.e. non-licensed) folk who are advancing recovery through a variety of actions, including advocacy, education, and living as an example of self-love and body acceptance. The board votes on nominees and awards the winner with a plaque at our annual conference/event.

The purpose of establishing the Love Warrior Award was to acknowledge the many people outside of licensed professionals who are doing great things to promote self-love, acceptance, and recovery from eating disorders. We can all spread the word of recovery from harmful dieting and shame-based behaviors in so many ways, regardless of level of training or academic degrees.

The Love Warrior Award seeks to recognize our community members who are actively promoting the message that radical self-love and body acceptance are key to living fully.

Love Warriors

Amy Waddle


Amy Waddle is a former pre-professional classical ballet dancer, and eating disorder survivor. After winning an 18 year battle with bulimia, surviving suicide, and allowing God to finish His work, Amy has dedicated her life to serving others and being the person she needed long ago. Her work started as a hobby in 2012, but quickly turned into a nonprofit organization. Dancing With ED is the first nonprofit of its’ kind, serving the dance and recovery communities in a way that’s never been done before.

Kara Miller Pate


Kara Miller Pate specializes in relationship building, mentorship, brand identity, mental health awareness, and treatment placement providing the best care possible for every individual. Along with her extensive experience in the field, Kara’s personal journey has gifted her with a unique compassion and ability to help others find their meaning and purpose.

"Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do."

Brené Brown

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