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Intersectional Approaches to Serving Fat Clients with Eating Disorders*

Saturday March 5, 2022

Virtual via Zoom

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Join EDRS for this full-day conference devoted to acknowledging and advocating for the needs of our fat* clients with eating disorders. Eating disorders come in all sizes, yet individuals in fat bodies get the brunt of systemic fatphobia and weight-based discrimination even amongst eating disorder professionals. Individuals with multiple marginalized identities experience compounding levels of harm. Lived expertise, activism, embodiment, and visions for fat joy and thriving are integral to addressing these harmful systems and building something new. Come for a day of open and reflective dialogue as our speakers share intersectional approaches to serving fat clients with eating disorders.


*Fat: We choose to use the word fat for this event because of its association with reclamation and activism. We encourage clinicians to allow patients to direct the language they use to describe their bodies. 

Up to 4.5 CE credits are available for behavioral health professionals. Credits will NOT be available for registered dietitians or medical doctors. If you have any questions about whether or not your board will accept the provided CE credits, please make sure to check with your board. 

Important note: You must attend the conference live in order to obtain CEs. The conference recording will be available for 30 days for registrants, but watching the recording will not make you eligible for CEs.


When & Where

Date: Saturday, March 5, 2022
Time: 10:20 am – 3:30 pm PST
Location: Virtual (via Zoom)*

*An email with the zoom link will be sent the week of the event. Please contact us with any questions.

Our Speakers

Five speakers who hold diverse healing approaches in the treatment of eating disorders from therapy, advocacy to artistic expression will be presenting.

Virgie Tovar


Fat Positivity & Food Positivity as Decoloniality

Neathery Falchuk Headshot

Neathery Falchuk


Embodied Presence: Cultivating Body Trust ® Within the Therapeutic Relationship

Patrilie Hernandez Headshot

Patrilie Hernandez


Nothing About Us Without Us: The Importance of Lived Experience in Supporting Fat, BIPOC Clients in ED Treatment and Recovery

Kanoelani Patterson 


Nothing About Us Without Us: The Importance of Lived Experience in Supporting Fat, BIPOC Clients in ED Treatment and Recovery

Conference Schedule


  • 10:20 AM-10:35 AM EDRS BOARD

Welcome + Center for Discovery & Reasons 

  • 10:35 AM-12:05 PM VIRGIE TOVAR MA, BA (SHE/HER)

Fat Positivity & Food Positivity As Decoloniality

  • 12:05 PM-12:25 PM Lunch Break

  • 12:25 PM-1:55 PM Kanoelani Patterson, MSW, LMSW (She/Her) & Patrilie Hernandez MS (She/They)

Nothing About Us Without Us: The Importance of Lived Experience in Supporting Fat, Bipoc Clients in Ed Treatment and Recovery

  • 2:00 PM-3:30 PM Neathery Falchuk LCSW-S, CGP (They/Them)

Embodied Presence: Cultivating Body Trust® Within the Therapeutic Relationship


Closing Comments


Conference is available and open to the general public. Ticket price includes access to the online conference and reflects whether CEUs will be provided. Please choose the registration fee that meets your needs. All proceeds will go to the EDRS scholarship fund aimed to provide access to individuals in need of eating disorder treatment.

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*Collectively, as an organization, we value transparency, social justice, and advancing the field of eating disorders by providing training for practitioners to provide more inclusive care, across genders, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, body sizes, abilities, and backgrounds.

We have worked together to build your trust in us, which is why we are apologizing and providing an explanation. If you came to this page on December 17, 2021 (or shortly after) and saw the word “overweight” instead of fat in our conference title, we want to acknowledge this incident. More importantly, we want to own and apologize for any harm this caused. Unfortunately, our language was changed when we provided the copy to our web team. We want you to know that there has been a conversation around the importance of not altering copy and more importantly, a conversation around how we operate as an organization that does not align with terms, like “overweight,” which imply that there is a certain type of size an individual should be- a term entrenched in oppressive medical weight stigma.

We understand the implications the use of this word has, especially coming from a fat-positive, weight-inclusive organization. We value your support and trust and by this incident alone, we are further united in the importance of body liberation for all bodies of all sizes and are reminded of how important the upcoming 2022 EDRS Conference is. If you would like to share a comment, experience, or thought, please email Corinne at

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“EDRS has been an exceptional foundation that provided funds to help me recover from my eating disorder and severe trauma as a child and teen. EDRS held me when I had no family or outside support. I have been able to give back to EDRS through my recovery and years of volunteering. My life has forever been changed by these wonderful leaders and women, and with their support I am now a licensed therapist specializing in eating disorders and trauma. EDRS holds a legacy of community, grassroots and love. I am forever grateful. I owe it much of my recovery and life. With love and heart.”

Lindsey Wert, LMFT

Board Member & Treatment Fund Recipient