Past EDRS Conference

Saturday March 6, 2021

Virtual (on Zoom)

Critical Conversations

Addressing the Needs of our Trans Communities with Eating Disorders

This half-day conference is devoted to addressing the needs of our Trans and Gender Non-Binary communities with eating disorders. Eating disorders have reached alarming rates in our Trans and Gender Non-Binary communities, and we must urgently address their needs. Join us for a day of open and reflective dialogue as we aim to facilitate eating disorder treatment for these communities.

3 CE credits will be offered for all therapists, dietitians, and physicians attending this day-long event.

When & Where

Date: Saturday, March 6, 2021
Time: 8:45 am – 1:45 pm PST
Location: Virtual (via Zoom)*

*An email with the zoom link will be sent the week of the event. Please contact us with any questions.

Our Speakers

Five speakers who hold diverse healing approaches in the treatment of eating disorders from therapy, advocacy to artistic expression will be presenting.

Jaden Fields

Jaden Fields (he/him/his) is an LA-based organizer, cultural worker, and educator dedicated to cultivating healing-centered spaces for marginalized communities. Jaden is the incoming Co-Director of Mirror Memoirs, an oral history and national organizing project that uplifts the healing and liberation of queer, trans/non-binary, intersex, Black, Indigenous, and people of color (QTIBIPOC) who are survivors of child sexual abuse. In his work with Mirror Memoirs, Jaden is a survivor storyteller and has played a pivotal role in co-designing Mirror Memoirs’ strategic vision, programs, and structure. He is the newly appointed Equity Director for the Association for Size Diversity and Health.

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His work within grassroots and nonprofit organizations has included designing and leading programs for trans folks to access health services, training government agencies to better serve transgender people, participatory action research, and policy advocacy at the city, county, and state level. Jaden was an inaugural member of the Los Angeles Transgender Advisory Council, a 2017 California HIV/AIDS Policy Research Fellow, 2019 Echoing Green finalist, and a class of 2021 Women’s Foundation California Women’s Policy Institute Fellow.

Jaden self-published his first chapbook, Intentional Musings on Staying Alive When I Want To Die (2019), an honest depiction of navigating mental health and systemic oppression. You can learn more about Jaden on his instagram, @thedappermrjaden, and his LinkedIn.

Sand Chang


Sand Chang, PhD (they/them/their) is a Chinese American genderfluid/nonbinary/femme psychologist/trainer in practice for 15+ years. Dr. Chang’s work is focused on intersectional body liberation. Dr. Chang co-authored A Clinician’s Guide to Gender Affirming Care (New Harbinger, 2018) and the APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients (2015).

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Sand Chang, PhD (they/them/their) is a Chinese American genderfluid/nonbinary/femme psychologist/trainer in practice for 15+ years. Dr. Chang’s work is focused on intersectional body liberation. Dr. Chang co-authored A Clinician’s Guide to Gender Affirming Care (New Harbinger, 2018) and the APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients (2015).

They are Board Member and section editor for Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, chapter author of the forthcoming WPATH SOC8, and co-founder of The Gender Affirming Letter Access Project (The GALAP), a movement to make mental health letters for trans health care financially accessible. Sand’s work is focused on gender, sexuality, disordered eating (from an anti-diet and HAES perspective), addictions, trauma/EMDR, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and attachment concerns. Sand is a certified Body Trust Provider.

Outside of work, they are a dancer, food top, punoff competitor, and small dog enthusiast.

Learn More on Sand’s website

Scout Silverstein

Scout Silverstein (they/themme) is a transgender and intersex queer nerd who is passionate about eliminating health disparities by advising trans/intersex research design, creating inclusive programming, and strengthening organizational policy. They are based in New York and spend their time building community that centers harm reduction, accessibility, and transformative justice.

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They enjoy jigsaw puzzles, bad 80s movies, “dad” jokes, and walking dogs at the animal shelter in their neighborhood. They are a member of Fighting Eating Disorders in Underrepresented Populations (FEDUP): A Trans and Intersex Collective

About FEDUP: FEDUP is a collective of trans, gender-diverse, and intersex (TGI) people who believe eating disorders in marginalized communities are social justice issues. Our mission is to make visible, interrupt, and undermine the disproportionately high incidence of eating disorders in TGI individuals through radical community healing, recovery institution reform, research, empowerment, and education.

Beck Liatt


Beck Liatt, LMSW (they/them/theirs) believes therapy can be used as a tool to change behaviors that no longer serve us, to further and deepen self-discovery, and to learn how to relate more holistically to others and to ourselves. They utilize a psychodynamic approach, weaving in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), creative and artistic methods, feminist and social justice-based approaches, and relational therapy. Beck believes it is essential to invite the conversation of identities into the therapeutic space, as identity is integral to how we move through the world.

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Before joining myTherapyNYC, Beck worked in community mental health and as a primary therapist at Monte Nido, a residential eating disorder treatment center. They have also led groups in therapeutic art practices and LGBTQ+ issues. They specialize in sex therapy, queer and trans* issues, and eating disorders and body image. They are kink- and sex work-affirming.

Beck operates from a lens of Preemptive Radical Inclusion, meaning no identities of race, migration status, dis/ability, sexual orientation, etc. are assumed before named.

Conference Schedule


    Welcome + Platinum Sponsor
  • 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM: Jaden Fields (NO CEUs)

    1hr presentation + 15 min Q+A
    Talk Title: Black in Trans Bodies: The Impacts of Anti-Blackness in the Time of COVID
  • 10:20 AM – 12:20PM: Scout Silverstein + Beck Liatt

    1.5 hr presentation + .5hr Q+A
    Talk Title: Eating Disorders in Trans and Intersex Communities

  • 12:25 PM – 1:40PM: Sand Chang

    1 hr presentation + 15 min Q+A
    Talk Title: Recognizing Your Own Blocks: Cis Providers Providing Affirming Care to Trans Clients with Disordered Eating

  • 1:40 PM – 1:45 PM: LINDSEY WERT, LMFT, CEIP-MH & EDRS Board

    Closing comments


Conference is available and open to the general public. Ticket price includes access to the online conference and reflects whether CEUs will be provided. Please choose the registration fee that meets your needs. All proceeds will go to the EDRS scholarship fund aimed to provide access to individuals in need of eating disorder treatment.


Cost of conference, CEUs + Donation

If you can afford to pay a little more, the additional funds will go towards helping folks who can’t afford conference costs & a speaker fund to enable us to pay more to our current and future speakers.


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Cost to attend all speaking events, and includes CEUs



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When registering, please note each of the members of your party in the message section, and complete one registration form per attendee.


Trans & Gender-diverse Providers OR No CEUs

For Trans & Gender-diverse health care providers, and Attendees not in need of CEUs

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“EDRS has been an exceptional foundation that provided funds to help me recover from my eating disorder and severe trauma as a child and teen. EDRS held me when I had no family or outside support. I have been able to give back to EDRS through my recovery and years of volunteering. My life has forever been changed by these wonderful leaders and women, and with their support I am now a licensed therapist specializing in eating disorders and trauma. EDRS holds a legacy of community, grassroots and love. I am forever grateful. I owe it much of my recovery and life. With love and heart.”

Lindsey Wert, LMFT

Board Member & Treatment Fund Recipient