EDRS Conference

September 26, 2020

San Francisco LGBT Center

Critical Conversations

Addressing the Needs of our Trans Communities with Eating Disorders

This day-long conference is devoted to addressing the needs of our Trans and Gender Non-Binary communities with eating disorders. Eating disorders have reached alarming rates in our Trans and Gender Non-Binary communities, and we must urgently address their needs. Join us for a day of open and reflective dialogue as we aim to facilitate eating disorder treatment for these communities.

6 CE credits will be offered for all therapists, dietitians, and physicians attending this day-long event.

Saturday, September 26, 2020
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
San Francisco LGBT Center
1800 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Our Speakers

Five speakers who hold diverse healing approaches in the treatment of eating disorders from therapy, advocacy to artistic expression will be presenting.

Jonathan Avila, MD


Dr Jonathan Avila, Clinical Assistant Professor Stanford University; adolescent medicine, endocrinology, eating disorders.

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Sand Chang


Sand Chang, PhD (they/them/their) is a Chinese American genderfluid/nonbinary/femme psychologist/trainer in practice for 15+ years. They are the Clinic Director of Octave in San Francisco and maintain a private practice in Oakland.

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Sand Chang, PhD (they/them/their) is a Chinese American genderfluid/nonbinary/femme psychologist/trainer in practice for 15+ years. They are the Clinic Director of Octave in San Francisco and maintain a private practice in Oakland. Sand co-authored A Clinician’s Guide to Gender Affirming Care (New Harbinger, 2018) and the APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients (2015). Sand is a board member and section editor for Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, chapter author of the forthcoming WPATH SOC8, and co-founder ofThe Gender Affirming Letter Access Project (The GALAP), a movement to make mental health letters for trans health care financially accessible. Sand’s work is focused on gender, sexuality, disordered eating (from an anti-diet and HAES perspective), addictions, trauma/EMDR, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and attachment concerns. Sand is a certified Body Trust Provider. Outside of work, they are a dancer, food top, punoff competitor, and small dog enthusiast. sandchang.com

Vaughn Darst


Vaughn Darst (he/they) is a transgender nonbinary Registered Dietitian who specializes in treating eating disorders among under-served populations, including gender diverse teens and adults, high weight individuals, and neurodivergent youth.

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Vaughn received his MS in Nutrition from the USC, and his BA in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, with a concentration in Transgender Studies, from Scripps College. Vaughn treats adolescents and adults with disordered eating at Center for Discovery and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He seeks to work collaboratively with clients to establish a nourishing relationship to food and their body. Vaughn is also a public speaker and educator, and his TEDx Talk, “In a World That is Wrong About Us,” addresses the unique concerns of clients for whom disordered eating manifests at the intersection of gender, fatness, food, and identity. Vaughn’s Instagram @allgendernutrition centers the transgender community’s need for affirmative nutrition support and advocacy.

Caleb Luna

PhD Candidate

Caleb Luna (they/them) is a performer-scholar-activist. They are a Ph.D. candidate in Performance Studies at UC Berkeley, where their research focuses on historicizing cultural representations of fat embodiment. They are interested in embodied difference as a generative resource toward fatter understandings of collective freedom.

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You can find their writing online at Black Girl Dangerous, Everyday Feminism and The Body Is Not An Apology. Their print publications include Nepantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color (2018); Canadian Art magazine (2018); and the forthcoming Queer Nightlife anthology. and produce exclusive content at Patreon.com/CalebLuna.

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies
University of California, Berkeley

Daniel Ryu, PsyD

Daniel Ryu, PsyD (they/them or he/him) is an Asian American nonbinary transmasculine clinical psychologist. Daniel has trained across clinical settings that serve marginalized populations who have been disproportionately affected by chronic disease, trauma, addiction and serious mental illness.

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This includes gender and sexuality, primary care, eating disorders, and HIV/infectious disease clinics, as well as providing Spanish/English bilingual therapy. They have co-authored book chapters, facilitated workshops and provided trainings/lectures on gender in the therapeutic space. Daniel’s interests lie at the intersection of marginalization, psychological suffering, social justice, and cultural resilience through a systems- and community-based lens. They are also intrigued by the role of sociocultural context in complicating how trans and non-binary bodies exist in and access healthcare systems. Daniel is currently a postdoctoral fellow specializing in co-occurring substance- and trauma-related disorders across the continuum of care. Outside of their professional life, they are obsessed with cats, nachos, and plants.


Ticket price includes full conference, lunch, a morning snack, and beverages. All proceeds from registration fees go to the EDRS scholarship fund aimed to provide access to individuals in need of eating disorder treatment.

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Student / Intern / Postdoc


“EDRS has been an exceptional foundation that provided funds to help me recover from my eating disorder and severe trauma as a child and teen. EDRS held me when I had no family or outside support. I have been able to give back to EDRS through my recovery and years of volunteering. My life has forever been changed by these wonderful leaders and women, and with their support I am now a licensed therapist specializing in eating disorders and trauma. EDRS holds a legacy of community, grassroots and love. I am forever grateful. I owe it much of my recovery and life. With love and heart.”

Lindsey Wert, LMFT

Board Member & Treatment Fund Recipient

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