We invite you to write a love letter to your body today.

If you have a difficult relationship with your body, it is especially important to offer it love.

Body love letters are one way to begin a love affair with your body. If you have been influenced by others or our culture to think that your body needs to look differently than it does, an help to think about your body as an instrument vs. an ornament. Your body is a miracle! Your heart started beating before you were even born, and will continue until your last day. Think about your breath. You don’t have to tell your lungs to continue breathing while you sleep, your body takes care of you every moment of every day. Offer your body gratitude and love today.

We’re including an example of a body love letter submitted to the LoveWarrior Community during one of our 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenges. To find out more about our upcoming challenge click here.


What do I love about my body?

I love the healing capacity of my body, how it houses my soul and allows me to take in breath and fresh air.

I love my heart which allows me to stay alive.

I love how my body feels when I am with those I love, hugging them and just being.

I love my long legs and hair.

I love that I can run, jump, and play—how my body is versatile.

I love my body because it allows me to walk amongst the birds, trees, and path created by a higher power.

I love my body because I now can.

Blessings and love to all followers.

– Anonymous

What do you love about your body?

What has your body done for you?

We invite you to share your body love letter below.


Love Yourself, Love Your Body, Love The World,


Michelle & Emelina Minero